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Bumi Optimus (M) Sdn Bhd provides one-stop solutions for your trade and industry depending on the size and field of your organization. We at Bumi Optimus are focused to provide solutions that revolve around our clients’ every need whilst ensuring form, functionality, reliability and security.

Using the keys of digital technologies such as AI, Data Science, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing, Bumi Optimus aims to be in the forefront of the digital industry. As the world transitions to Digital Transformation, Bumi Optimus is empowering a more resilient future for our clients. From building more adaptive enterprise solutions to advanced technologies that fuel the intelligent enterprise, Bumi Optimus helps businesses thrive in a world defined by disruption and fuelled by transformative technology.



To be your pre-eminent global technology partner.



Our mission is to assist customer by providing the finest technology that will ease their business process and to maximize their business’ full potential.

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