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Field-Map Stem Analyst

FMSA is software tool for used for two main tasks:

  • Defining parameters for global stem curve model.
  • Defining assortments on the inventory plot.

The parameters for global stem curve model are defined based on measured stem profiles. One can measure sections of felled trees or use so called six point method on standing trees.

Prior to the assortment calculation the stump height may be defined as percentage of tree height, fixed height or fixed diameter.

2. Second Section
3. Third Section

The output of the data analysis consist of:

  • Global stem curve model for individual species or species groups
  • Model statistics
  • Charts showing diameter and volume residuals of the model
  • Profiles of individual sample stems
  • Stem volume calculation

To get sufficient data for the calculations, there are several measurements performed in the field:

  • Virtual division of the stem parts based on quality
  • Measurement of the branch knot diameters and their count
  • Damage classification
  • Measurement of heights of stem forks

Assortments module features:

  • Definition of assortments, dimensions, quality, financial value – so called flexible assortments.
  • Definition of assortments scenarios, preference of certain assortments, allowed damage classes and decay degrees, etc.
  • Selection of global stem curve model
  • Calculation of assortments broken down by volume classes.
  • Preparation of data for further evaluation using Field-Map Inventory Analyst.
4. Fourth Section