AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS

Why AssetStudio for Windows for Windows & Mac OS will help your organization:

  • One solution that handles: Windows and Mac OS device discovery, inventory, licensing, metering, access management, distribution and patching
  • Discovery – multi-protocol packet-based discovery with virtualization platform connection
  • Inventory – complete asset visibility, even drill down to network printer consumables and switches
  • Licensing – covers over 20,000 publishers with vendor specific modules for Microsoft & Adobe with built-in intelligence
  • AccessCtrl – one of only a few products that actively manages which devices and users can utilize applications
  • AppsMonitor – reporting is aligned to daily usage to simplify analysis for SLO purposes
  • Distribution – Simple-to-use and integrates with SCCM – can be used by other depts, like service desk
  • Patching – Simple-to-use – compared to WSUS, and policy based to automate deployment

1. First Page - Single solution to manage

Single solution to manage to manage hardware and Windows & Mac operating system software and applications

From advanced discovery and detailed inventory, through the ability to accurately monitor software usage and manage licensing, to device-based management, and distribution; AssetStudio for Windows & Mac OS provides a single solution to manage hardware and Windows & Mac operating system software and applications.

Built from the ground up as a single solution with a common data feed, UI and database it removes the complexity of previous tools with multiple data feeds and UIs, simplifying your ITAM, SAM and SLO tasks.

The solution can seamlessly integrate with other products on the AssetStudio platform, or can be used alongside a third-party product as a stand-alone tool.