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Passworks – Self Service Password Reset

Reduce calls to the service desk and improve service to users with Passworks for Windows & Mac OS X

On average password reset requests make up to 10 –30% of all help desk calls, with each request costing from £31 – £90 in labour costs*. Many of these calls are from users who have forgotten their Windows or Mac OS X passwords and are unable to logon to their PC. Unless they can speak to a representative quickly and identify themselves they could be without a computer and unable to work for a significant period of time.

*Password Reset: self-service That You Will Love (Gartner Research Note T-15-6454)

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3 simple steps for Windows and Mac OS X

Passworks uses a simple challenge/response technique that allows you to reset your Windows & Mac OS X password from any PC, Mac or server where the client software has been installed. Through a simple button added to the login screens, a user can quickly and easily reset their password by answering the questions selected and completed during the registration.

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Safe, simple and secure

A number of password reset tools require that users access a Web interface to reset their password. With Passworks, users can reset their password from the Windows and Mac OS X login screen without having to use another machine. Using a simple challenge/response technique of users picking and answering a series of questions, users can securely reset their Windows and Mac OS X password without having to contact your service desk.

A number of tools on the market only provide this service for Windows and not Mac OS X, at Certero we do both.

Did You Know?

Allowing users to reset their own passwords can reduce password related calls to the service desk by as much as 73%.

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Business Benefits – Reduce password reset activity by as much as 30%

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