Save energy, reduce CO2 and quickly lower electricity bills for PCs and laptops Out-of-the-box PC power management software solution

PowerStudio is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide Web-based PC power management software solution that works out-of-the-box with no dependencies on third party products (i.e. Microsoft SCCM). By applying centralized computer power policies organizations can drastically reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint. PowerStudio provides an accurate baseline figure of PC power usage and by applying flexible power-saving policies organizations can remotely shutdown and wake PCs and Laptops without impacting upon their users

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Out-of-the-box solution for PCs and laptops

With desktop PCs using up to 40%* of IT energy consumption organizations are looking for intelligent solutions which can drastically reduce costs and carbon emissions. (*Source: PC power management software, PowerStudio, is an out-of-the-box solution, with no dependencies on third party products such as SCCM. Quick and simple to deploy, PowerStudio is a highly intelligent solution which can help you to streamline the cost of your PC estate without impacting users.

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Dramatically reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions

With an ROI in as little as six months and the ability to reduce your carbon footprint and comply
with Government targets, the benefits with PowerStudio are so good, it should be made compulsory.

Did You Know?

By leaving computers on all night for a year, a company with 10,000 PCs wastes £168,000.
*Source: Alliance to Save Energy, 2009 PC Energy Report

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Acquantia -Intuitive reporting providing powerful information in seconds

Acquantia is Certero’s Business Intelligence reporting solution. The feature-rich tool provides powerful, entirely customizable reports in seconds. The wealth of data stored is simplified through the easy-to-use interface to give you intelligent information at your fingertips. Not just IT, departments such as Estates, Procurement and Finance can use Acquantia to generate Business Intelligence that can help identify increased efficiencies throughout your organization.

Acquantia is designed to work with Certero’s leading PC power management software solution PowerStudio but the clever architecture means that it can also be used with other AssetStudio Platform products

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